Why Us

We pride ourselves on the world-class safety, quality, performance and reliability of the products we design and build:

Enhanced Safety: The safety factors for all the ULT beam pumping unit structural components exceed the API requirements. All the lifting lugs for beam pumping unit components including gear reducers and cranks have been redesigned to ensure safe rigging operations. For ULT plunger lift systems, we have safety features built in our intelligent control including alarms and automatic shut-down.


Full Quality Control: ULT designs and manufactures all the critical components in house and has quality built in each and every step of the manufacturing process from casting, to gear and shaft machining, to assembly and testing. For the components that are manufactured by third party manufacturers, ULT follows a stringent supplier qualification process and have our own quality engineers conduct product quality audits on each and every batch.


Proven Engineering Capability: A significant part of the value we create for our customers is our engineering know-how. In addition to standard designs, ULT offers our customers custom designs that meet the exact customer technical specifications.


Proven Manufacturing Capability: ULT manufacturing teams, including both in-house and third parties, have a proven track record of manufacturing API beam pumps and Plunger Lift Systems for the global oil industry.