Technical Services

Well System Design Considerations

Production Optimization

The ALS optimization team at ULT helps our customers optimize underperforming artificially lifted wells by analysing how efficiently the system is performing within its operating range. This is accomplished by providing a complete analysis of well production performance along with recommendations and system re-design for maximizing profits (production, reliability, safety and cost efficiency) field wide. Our production optimization scope includes:

  • Engineering design packages for new and existing wells
  • Total system solutions
  • Surface Solutions including services and operations
  • Subsurface Solutions including services and operations
  • Technical Support & Training
  • Failure Analysis with reports, recommendations, and procedures

ULT training programs are developed by subject matter experts, covering all artificial lift systems, in order to help organizations and individuals improve personal technical skills and competence. We provide classroom and on job training for all levels of engineers, supervisors and technicians. Our instructors are experienced ALS experts and have a proven track records of delivering classroom and on job training to the world’s largest Oil & Gas and Services companies.

In addition to SRP & plunger lift systems, our team is also more than capable of designing, analysing, and monitoring other types of artificially lifted wells including PCP, Gas Lift, and ESP.

Custom Engineering

While we provide customers with our standard products, we can also tailor our designs to meet customers' specific technical requirements. The reasoning behind us providing custom engineering services is at ULT we believe that there is an optimal solution for every application. To that end, we invest in front-end engineering work to ensure that we are providing our customers the most optimal and the most cost-effective solutions. This is the value that ULT brings to our customers.