ULT Advantages

Over Engineering: All the critical structure components are over-engineered with increased safety factors, which leads to unsurpassed safety and reliability.

Lean Manufacturing: In addition to being ISO and API certified, our manufacturing facility has implemented UPS (ULT Production System) which is a Lean Manufacturing System ensuring consistent quality and continuous improvements.

Best Design Practices: ULT beam pumping unit designs have reflected the collective experience and wisdoms of our engineering team with over twenty years experience in design, manufacturing, and applications. The technical features of our units represent one of the best in the industry.

Proven Track Record: A big part of the ULT core team is a group of sucker rod pumping experts who have first hand field experience, understand the ins and outs of the system, and constantly improve the designs to meet the demanding oilfield requirements. Our manufacturing team has a proven track record of delivering over 10,000 quality pumping units worldwide.

Design Features

With a team of metallurgists, mechanical engineers, and application engineers who on average have over twenty years of experience in API beam pump design, manufacturing, and applications, ULT beam pumps represents the best in the industry in terms of safety, quality, performance, and reliability.

Gear Reducer

Gearbox: Made of ASTM A48 high grade cast iron or equivalent and made up of two pieces divided at the horizontal centerline of the shafting to allow easy field removal and replacement of all rotating elements. This grade of cast iron has better mechanical properties than the one used by other beam pumping unit manufacturers. Standard gearbox has an opening at the lowest point of the sump with a magnetic plug that captures metallic contaminants.

Gearing: Involute herringbone type and double reduction with a gear reduction of between 28 and 30.

Bearings: All gearbox bearings are of oversized axial free-floating straight roller type housed in individual bearing carriers that can be removed from the main gear housing. Bearings require no adjustment at initial installation or during maintenance or replacement procedures. Bearings exceed API 11E L-10 life requirements. All shaft bearing journals, seal areas and interference fit areas have a high degree of surface finishes.

Lubrication: The innovative lubrication system has a positive oil flow through all bearings throughout the full operating speed range at ambient conditions. The lubrication system requires no adjustments during maintenance procedures. A large oil sump capacity provides the lubricant time for entrained air to dissipate and to provide a quiet sump for contaminants to settle out of the lubricant thus preventing them from continuing to circulate through the gears and bearings.

Saddle Bearing Assembly
Saddle bearings are of double tapered roller type which offers superior load capacity on both axial and radial directions and therefore reliability and longevity. Our metal to metal seals prevent damages caused by over lubrication.
Equalizer Bearing Assembly
Equalizer bearings are of double tapered roller type which offers superior load capacity on both axial and radial directions and ensure excellent equalization of loading on both crank pins and pitmans. Lubrication is from the ground level.
Wrist Pin Assembly

Wrist pin failures are a common failure mode seen on beam pumping units. Our highly engineered wrist pins, along with advanced manufacturing processes and quality controls, eliminate premature wrist pin failures. The wrist pin housing is fitted with grease inlet and outlet fittings arranged such that the grease must travel through the bearing to its relief fitting thus assuring good grease lubrication. In addition, our oversized double row spherical roller bearings exceed the requirements specified by API 11E and have the longest life expectancy in the industry.


All structural components have a safety factor of more than 5.

The brake is fitted with a positive locking device to prevent the brake drum from turning in the event that the brake lever control system fails or is accidentally released.

The V-belt drive is fitted with a solid belt cover to provide belt protection from the environment and personnel protection from the belt system.

The horsehead is fitted with a safety device to secure the horsehead to the walking beam in the event of a high rod part and to act as a safety feature to prevent the horsehead from falling on personnel during a workover operation.

Open rail or meshed fence with lockable access gates. ULT standard height or per customer requirement.

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