Field Services

Field Services

ULT’s field services provide customers with qualified crew who are fully trained, competent and experienced in Installing, Maintaining, Troubleshooting Sucker Rod Pumping and Plunger lift Systems (Surface and Downhole), including other brands of these two systems.

• Perform a complete visual inspection and preventive maintenance as per manufacturers' PM programs

• Create equipment inspection reports with repair and maintenance recommendations

• Transfer and install refurbished pumping units, foundation and gravel pans

• Facilitate loading, transportation and unloading of all associated SRP equipment between warehouse/yard and well locations as required

• Change SPM and/or stroke length, adjust counterbalance as needed per customers and ULT ALS engineers' recommendations

• Supervise downhole running/pulling, sucker rod fishing operations related to sucker rod pump and rod string

• Perform subsurface pump repairs and inspections at customers' premises